Saturday, November 26, 2011

Computer viruses and my blogger app.

:( My first blog is going to start off sad which is not how I wanted this to go. During a quick edit of my draft on the topic of  Black Friday I noticed my computer running slow. Then my poor Toshiba was dreadfully attacked by a virus. Not just any virus but it pretended to be a virus protection software. Then after a day of trying to fix that another virus swamps my computer. I am no computer wiz so I plan on taking it to Best Buy and getting my laptop cleaned up. Goodbye paycheck.

I know a lot of students suffer through this same problem. I have used Norton which is a popular and always recommended virus protection software, but they have failed me. Does anyone know of a better anti-virus software? So until then...

I shall use the amazing Blogger app from the Android market. Thankfully I have this on my phone. I look forward to sharing so many pics and stories right as they happen. That's the beauty of a mobile app. Our phones are always with us anyway, why not be able to access everything with a press of a button? That way we can check email away from the office, check out our friends' vacation pics while we are on vacation, check out movie times on the way to the theater and even order a pizza when we can't find the number.

So thankfully Blogger has given me the ability to blog via my phone which is both a blessing and a curse... I'm pretty sure it's possible to get carpal tunnel from too much QWERTY keyboard typing.