Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Looking For a New 'Do

As summer draws closer I continue to look at my hair with a slight grimace. I am a religious hair dye-er, roots are literally the root of all evil and my eyes light up when I look at all the pretty box dyes at my local stores. I've debated if something is wrong with me but as long as celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and hipsters are coloring their hair non-natural colors I think I am OK (not saying anyone with pink/purple/or any color highlights is hipster, because I've done it too.)

 Now I am so frustrated with my hair currently because I have been sporting some pretty dark roots. This 'new growth' doesn't exactly make it seem like my sandy blonde hair is natural. Now my normal process has been to go dark for fall and winter and then proceed to a light brown in spring and full blown blonde by end of April to kick off the summer. It is May and I am not my usual bright bleach blonde.

Anyone who knows a thing or two about hair and the process knows that bleaching your hair can be very damaging, and because of that over the years my hair has been pretty weak especially since I didn't start out with very thick or good quality hair. Since I have been trying to grow my hair out I have taken the smart choice of just gradually lightening my hair this year and not going back to my platinum hair. Maybe just platinum highlights. :)

So I have been looking into the ombre hair style. This is where it is light on the ends and darker at the roots. Classy, not trailer park trashy don't worry. Anyone sporting this style? Give me your feed back. Anyone else interested here is a professional tutorial on how to get the look.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend.

I hope everyone's Easter weekend went well. :) Mine was fantastic! It was a tad bit crazy but still great! I attended service at my boyfriend's church in the morning, then we went to my house for dinner and a Easter egg hunt, and finally to his house for more food and family time. Just about 12 full hours of face time between everyone.

What did you all do for Easter?

Pics of Easter day coming soon..........

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Secrets Secrets

Ive got a secret......

A Big Secret!

One I can only tell a few.

Now I would be willing to tell you if you possess the certain qualities I am looking for.

Do you want to be a star?

Do you like being the center of attention?

Do you like being involved in school functions?

If you answered yes to any three of these questions email me at Schelbyduff_11@yahoo.com!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Apps over spring break

We have all been bored out of our minds in class, the doctor's office, in meetings, or just at home. And a lot of our boredom time is used up by our wonderful phones. Either texting, calling, emailing, and my favorite over spring break.....APPS!

Now these phone applications come through either the Itunes store or the android market. (Which mine switched to google play for some reason....) So over spring break I downloaded some apps. All of them were free. Here is my list of apps and my recommendations.

1) Words with friends: No I did not download this over spring break but I love this app so it will be on here.
2)Choice of Broadsides:and choice of games: Now these games are multiple choice story games were you control how your character turns out. If you have a while to wait I highly suggest it!
3)Nyan: Now this is the one time I will give it to apple..... they carry more variety of Nyan cat games then the android market does. I downloaded every game app for Nyan and they are all entertaining.
4)Prognosis your Diagnosis: For any pre-med, nursing, or health care majors. This is the app for you! It gives you key information and lets you help the patient. It is good to hone and test your skills in patient care.
5)RageReader: Where are my fellow redditors? If you don't know what reddit is you may be biting off more then you can chew. Rage reader is just rage comics they find their way to reddit. As far as I have found they do not use their comics from 9gag.
6)Ultimate lightsaber: Starwars......enough said.

Project X

Hey everyone, now we all got pumped for this movie called project X

Well that's the trailer right there...... Now I am working on my own project X. Sadly I am not a senior throwing a party but I am working on a top secret project. Now when I say top secret I mean TOP SECRET. You all know where to reach me, at shelbyduff_11@yahoo.com ......... I won't even tell you right away if you do email me. You will go through some pretty rough screening, I am joking..... well just a little.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

my apologies

I want to apologize to everyone. I have been a terrible blogger these past few weeks. I promised pictures and have not gotten them up yet.

The last few weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster. I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years. After doing the long distance thing through college I thought we could get through anything. However views change, people change, and the things you want in life change as well. Relationships aren't easy, and ending one isn't either. I could probably go on all day about my little sob story but that doesn't get to the point.

I WILL have those pictures for you all by the end of the week!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Doodles, scribbles, and strange things! PT. 1 (edit))


I want everyone who views my blog to grab their cell phones or camera and take a picture of little doodle's and scribbles they make in their notebooks and on papers.

I got this idea from my math class when I couldn't help but doodle some song lyrics and pictures in my notebook. I realized I must look silly as I become so engrossed with my drawings which in truth aren't all that good. I have a love of drawing cartoon food items which some people find strange to be honest. But I wanna see what you lovely people draw. As long as it's school appropriate I'll post it.

My plan is to collect as many drawings and doodles so I can post them in a PT.2 on the blog. Think of it as a mini SCC student art exhibit for doodles, scribbles, and strange things.

Send your pics to me at shelbyduff_11@yahoo.com